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  • Victorious De Costa

While there is still TIME

When I speak to myself about Time, Energy & Money, I remind myself that there is always Time. In each ‘day’ I have 24 hours — what I choose to dedicate my energy to directly impacts the amount of Time I ‘feel’ I have.

Time, among other things, is a measurement of change. A measurement of motion. I can not have Time.

Time cannot be possessed. I can and will USE Time as a tool.

As long as I am alive, there is Time. I am alive.

Neither Time nor energy can be created, so what there will never be is ‘more Time’; but I will always be able to manage the Time I ‘feel’ I have.

Time management is the only way to conserve my energy and the most important factor in the acquisition and retention of my money (if it is money that I truly want).

Time does not bend to emotion and the universe does not yield perfect scenarios. It is up to ME to bring order out of chaos. I do this by designing my plan. The universe surely will conform itself to the working of my plan.

The perfect plan is any one that carefully measures the steps between thought and birth.

How I measure the steps of my plan in terms of my 24 hour days is based upon two things, and two things alone. “How much longer do I want to live like THIS?”

“How soon do I want to live like THAT!” When the odds are stacked against me. I imagine how they must look — stacked against me. I then imagine how they look when I just MOVE! I put my idea in motion and those odds fall like dominoes into my favor. Once put in motion.

So I must put my ideas in motion at once.

I will not wait for the perfect scenario.

I will start from where I am.

Force is Work x Distance. I want to be a Force in this Universe.

I will be the Force in my Universe and neither a witness nor casualty to the determined ideas and honest work of another who understands Time and energy better than I. I am a force to be reckoned with and it starts today.

The alternative is to be buried alive. I will NOT be buried alive. I will not be suffocated by the odds.

I will not be intimidated by the movement of this Earth, because she loves me. Nor shall I be intimidated by the position of the Sun and Moon.

I am not on the clock and I will ride this Earth as intended.

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